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Car Tornado Cleaning Foam Gun Car Wash Washer Automotive Interior Deep Cleaning




The traditional air blower can only blow the water droplets on the surface. The water in the gap of the car is not cleaned. After the owner drives the car away, the water drops will flow out, giving the owner the feeling that the car is still not washed! This air-dryer adopts the pulse pressure rotation function to expand the air outlet, and the working range and skill are greatly enhanced! It can blow out the gaps that are difficult to wipe, such as car leather seats, instrument panels, door panels, steering wheels, carpets, floor mats, roof sheds, engine surfaces, tire surfaces, and hub surfaces. Especially for the parts that are difficult to clean at ordinary times, the effect is particularly obvious. For example the seam between the seats, the seam between the carpets, the seam between the door bead and the carpet, etc.



1. The spray force can be mastered and used more comfortably.

2. The bottle mouth is smooth and easy to hold liquid.

3. The alloy handle is fine and durable.

4. The lid of the pot is connected with copper, which is not easy to rust.


Interior Cleaning Method: 

Add the cleaning liquid and connect to the air pump and clean the interior of the car. After cleaning, wipe it with a towel and clean it as new.



Material: aluminum alloy + PP

Air pressure: 6.5-9.2 pressure

Operating temperature: 10°-40°

Body capacity: 1000ML

Packing size: about 34*30*16cm

Scope of application: blowing dust, interior cleaning


Packing List:

1* Car Wash Kit

Thoroughly clean your car without damaging any internal damage

Have you ever dreamed of washing your car from the inside? This seems impossible because the water can be damaged or smelly. Having your car for a year and not properly cleaned from the inside can cause irritation to your skin.

This Tornado Deep Vehicle Cleaner is an innovative device where it is now possible to clean every aspect of your vehicle without damaging the part/interior. It is equipped with a smart water spray with a unique dry blower.

Convenient and easy to use, it can also be used to wash your engine.



Wash your car’s interior – clean your car thoroughly without damaging the interior.

Blow Dry and Water Sprayer – A smartly made water sprayer that provides just enough to clean the part. Rinse the dryer, which will immediately dry out the wet parts. Pot cover with copper connection – This will maximize product durability, preventing rust.

Easy Grip Alloy Handle – You can easily hold the product without pressing your hand or your hand.

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Car cleaner

Packing size

about 34*30*16cm

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